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Monday, June 20, 2011

Color 101 {Part 2}

See it!

I believe that the best architect, designer and master of color is God.
If you look around and really pay attention to nature and all the natural  "accents"  that decorate this beautiful world you may agree with me.
Therefore, my number two rule when it comes to color is simple...
"if it works in nature it will work in my home,
my wardrobe, my life" 
and I promise you it will work in yours as well.
Let me show you, let's take for example... the forest. 

This landscape shows us how opposite colors create drama,
warmth and intensity. If you want a design that screams "look at me" choose two colors that are in the opposite side of the color wheel and one neutral to balance it all. Just like nature does!

Look at this room featured at Country Living 
Does the green, the red tones {salmon, peach, light burgundy} the wood,
the stone and the neutrals look familiar?

...What about these other two rooms from House Beautiful?

Can you see the forest?

The cool thing about following the nature rule is that it always WORKS!
Let's take the opposite landscaping...the beach

I want you to pay close attention to the colors of this pictures.
The white sand, the dark rocks, the grey shadows and of course the great blues from deep navy to the most beautiful turquoise.
 They all work perfectly together, complementing each other as they create a master piece.


Now look at these pictures from House Beautiful ...
These first two rooms as the ocean does, combine all types of blue tones
 creating a fresh clean elegance in the most simple way...
If it work in nature...
 it will work in your home!

This kitchen that I found on Little Pink House is a perfect way to see the reflection of nature in design. The color of the walls reminds me of the gray tones of the rocks, the golden metallic accents found in the chandelier brings to mind the metallic effect the sun creates when it touches the sea and the sand, and of course the turquoise accents as found in the fridge brings to my memory my island's ocean.

My last example for this landscape I found it at Eclectic Revisited Wordpress.
 Can you smell  the ocean  breeze?

Can you feel the warm sand?
If it looks good here... will look good in your home.

Following this rule I started to work on my bedroom last week.
I am going to share with you the beginning of the makeover...
First take a look at my lonely bed... poor thing :(

Since I can't touch the walls of the home {we are renting} I have to work around them.
I would love to add some white paneling and perhaps a light gray color ..
but as my Anni says "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit..."
So, I tried to forget about the walls and I focused instead on the bed ;)

When you work with neutral colors always keep in mind to introduce
as much layers as possible in the space.
An easy way to do this is by mix-matching the sheets...a darker tone on the bottom and a light color on the top always WORKS. Pillows of different sizes, throws, duvets and coverlets are perfect ways also to add body,
 texture  and  layers...

After the bed was done it was time to add some additional furniture and the rug.
Rugs are GREAT  to divide a space and create individual focal points in one single room.
Because I share this space with my husband it was important for me to bring some masculinity  into OUR bedroom.  If I tell you the truth I find it unfair when I walk inside of a beautiful home
 and all I see is the woman's touch in it.
The  black nail chairs and the rug accomplished  just that, balancing the freshness and fluffiness of the bed with  solid strong ground furniture.

 I love this little white table... I got it at a yard sale weeks ago. 
This is how sad it used to look.

After the furniture it was time for accessories... which are what brings the space alive.
I chose to use two similar mirrors in size but different in shape.
{ mine... and his...;) }
and on top of my night stand I added some extra other little girl accents that simply make me happy ;)

The Pillows:
This little flower pillow I made weeks ago... Click here to see the wonderful tutorial by Burlap+Blue.
So easy to make!

This other stamped pillow I made to document the month and year that we moved to Oregon...
I love mail stamps... I think they are so romantic.
Do you remember the days when actually letters were delivered that had more than bills inside?
I miss those days...

The Bottles...

I was so lucky to find all of these little glass containers and other accessories at our local Goodwill Store. I paid $5 for all of it and it was worth every penny.

Love to use glass accessories. They reflect light and you can add fillers to showcase your taste.  This is how they looked after some cleaning and love...

Another yard sale find were the little Christmas doves...

As soon as I saw them I thought they are mine...
1976 was the year my husband was born.

and then a few more thing here and there complete the look...

So, here is the story in a 1,2,3...

...As I said before, if it works here...

It will work in your home...

Keep in mind that this is just part one of the makeover... more to come ;)
...The End!


Monday, 20th 2011

What a crazy weekend... LOTS to do!
I am so glad to have Sundays as a day to rest, to STOP,
to just hang out with my family and take a nap on the
trampoline with the love of my life...
I wish I had a picture of that!
BUT I have a picture of my babe's Father's Day dinner...

Heck yeah!
 Those are 10 lbs. of Mama's BBQ Chicken Wings for you...

...We love you Papa!


...Now, if you were here last Monday you may be thinking
"THERE is NO way that she lost any weight after this dinner..."
Here is last week's DAY-ONE picture for you.

And here is the picture of Week ONE...
SEVEN days later :)

HOW cool is THAT!
My goal this week is to be under 120...
I haven't been there for over a year and a half...
So here is what I learned this week about weight loss.

Thank you to Mel M. M. Mc.Carthy for your comment:
"You can do it with the weight. I'm no pro ;) but my BFF Kim is & she swears by water water water."

Having a GOOD breakfast
made all the difference...
Oatmeal made with skim milk and with a bit of cinnamon is one of my favorites.

Every time the desire of eating the big NO NO'S came to me, I remembered how I used to look before I gained the weight and specially how much more healthier and happy I felt... That gave me the power to say NO.

I still have my HOT chocolate once a day if I please ;)
Here is a picture of my new cup... So HPPY!

...My inspiration this week to get UP and move what my mama gave me
comes from two incredible ladies.

Daphne Hope's MOM loves biking and rides 1000-2000 miles a summer
AFTER, {Yes, you heard me right}
After receiving a hip replacement!!
WOWMAN! We send you love and hugs 
from The 36th Avenue..
What an inspiration you are!

My other girl Kjerstin is racing in a half Ironman Triathlon this weekend...
Heck girl YOU ARE AMAZING for doing that!
I can't run around the corner without feeling I need a doctor ;)
She is using the motto on my adorable pillowcase
"Life is too short. Enjoy the ride" during her crazy long bike ride.
 Kjerstin, GOOD luck love from all of us here at The 36th Avenue!

This is what I love about blogging.. your comments,
your suggestions, your support and sweetness spread all over the place...

Let's make this week and EXTRAordinary one starting TODAY!