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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Do you remember me saying
that I will show you later where
in my house I put my little Red Desk?

Well let me give you a tip it is NOT on my dirty deck.
If you want to find out you need
to come and visit Ucreate...
where you can seemy new "Sew Cute" area...

After you visit Ucreate I have the feeling you are
going to want to come back
to enter to win these Vinyl Stencils...
I didn't use them on pillows this time
but I think they would look adorable on it as well...

Not just 1... or 2... BUT 3 winners will be chosen.
To celebrate over 400 "likes" on Facebook
and almost 500 Amazing Followers on the blog.

{ never mind... stay }
Here are the STENCILS...


Follow The 36th Avenue 
come back and let me know.
If you are an amazing follower already let me know as well.
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Follow The 36th Avenue on FB,
come back and let me know.
Same here if you "like" the page already let me know...
{1 entry}

Additional Ways To Enter:

Follow The 36th Avenue on Twitter (new)
come back and let me know.
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Share this giveaway with others on FB
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 and Tweeter
{another entry}
and after let me know...

Leave a Happy Comment
on Ucreate or here and let me know.
{1 entry}

Thank YOU for being so sweet and good to me.


Party Time {10}

Welcome to
Share your Awesomeness!

Here is a small peek a boo of tomorrow GIVEAWAY...

You know what to do...
If you made it share it!
 PLEASE Button up
and let others know that they can party here!
Have fun and inspire me to create a new STICKER;)

36th Avenue

{ remember to link to your specific post, not your main blog... so we can know what it is that you want to show us}

Wood Dice TUTORIAL...

 These are the materials you need:
paint & paint brush. 4x4 lumber. scrapbooking paper. scissors. ruler. 3/4" washer. pencil

Sander and drill with a 3/4" bit and a dice for guidance.

After cutting two cubes of 3.5"....
{I am not sure why they call it 4x4's}
trace with a CUTE pencil and a ruler two lines that go from corner to corner
making an "X"... on each side of ONE of the cubes.

When you are done it is time to get serious...
The POWER tools are coming...
For me it was time to wear my husbands shoes...
Oh yeah! I am tough ;)
{One of my feet has panty hoses and the other one dosen't...
how that happened I'm not sure}

Where was I?
...The power tools are coming.
With the help of a small regular dice start making holes
using the drill and a 3/4" special bit...
Let the "X" be your guide. I eye ball EVERYTHING but you can measure if you want.

...I went approximately 1/8 of an inch deep...
You better do this OUTSIDE...
it makes a mess.

It is time to sand...

...and paint

While the paint dries, trace the circles using as a template
the 3/4 inch washer. You'll need... let me see...
1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21
Twenty One circles so what I did was trace 11 of them,
fold the paper and cut double the amount at once...

Now that the paint is dry and the circles are done it is time to assemble the dice.
Take one paper circle at a time and center it on top of each hole.
Press it down evenly and with your nail push in the ends...
You have 20 more to go!

For the other dice. I made and cut some vinyl with sayings.
{I will have some sets ready at The 36th Avenue this weekend}
All I did was to apply the vinyl.
For the blue OUTSIDE set I actually used the vinyl as a stencil...
and I painted the words on the wood.
{ click here to see how to use vinyl as a stencil }
So, here they are...

...a closer and FINAL look!

Click here to see what I used them for...

The END!

Click HERE to check OUT the best
PARTIES in town ;)

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