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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm a wife to one awesome guy
& mom to 5 wild & crazy kiddos.I love to create things, blog, garden, decorate
& most of all be with my family.

I've been blogging for almost 4 years,
& I love keeping a journal of my family,
but I thought our family blog was
getting a little overrun with all my craftiness.
So, I decided it was time to part ways
& start my very own craft blog,
Ginger Snap Crafts. :)
It's a place to share ideas I've found, &
inspire you to create along with me.

Today I'm going to show you 
how to make these {cute & easy} burp cloths.
Just letting you know I don't sew!
So if I can make these anyone can!
I made these for my sister,
& she just had another little girl.
Love the girly colors!

 All you'll need is some ribbon, thread, cloth diapers & a sewing machine.
Lay out your cloth diaper and measure two ribbons a little longer than the diaper.
You can always trim these later on. These will be sewn along each seam of your diaper.

Pin your ribbon down along the seams of your cloth diaper to hold it in place.
Now the fun part.  You get to crank up your sewing machine!
You'll sew down one side, turn & then sew up the other side.
Trim your ribbon if you need to.
There you go!  All done!
{How easy is that?}
Then fold them up & stack them on top of each other.
I used some extra ribbon to tie a bow around them.
Added a cute tag & that was it! 
A {cute & easy} baby shower gift that you know will be used a bunch!

I'd love to have you stop by Ginger Snap Crafts.
Each week I have a super fun link party called
{wow me} wednesday.
 Love to have you link up your fun projects & ideas.
 You can also check out my blog for some more {cute & easy} projects.
Like these fun
{teacher appreciation gifts}

or this pretty {Nauvoo Temple block}

or check out my super cute

Ginger Snaps 
{Hope to see you soon!}
Good luck with your move, Desirée !
Hope all goes well! :)
Thanks for having me over!

From Desiree:

for PARKING your BLOG at The 36th Avenue today...

I have to tell you all that I link my projects at her PARTY every Monday since I started blogging.
I love it there!

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EXTRAORDINARY Ideas: For the Home

I am going to be completely selfish and share with you today my kind of style...
All of these ideas and projects came from this week's link party, so I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your talent... YOU TRULY INSPIRE ME!

~ SO Old... SO New... ~

 I am going to start with this incredible piece of art from  It's Just Me.
What is here not to love?
The stamping on this table is incredibly well done...

and the EXTREME distressing makes my heart beat to the rhythm of greatness...
So old... so new... so me...

Another "stamped project" were these fantastic  pillows...
by Candace Creations
I am amazed by the technique she used and grateful for the great tutorial...
These pillows bring me memories of my childhood, of my grandfather's boat,
of his little village... Love it so much!

Now these two nesting tables from The Quaint Cottage are not just ADORABLE but
HANDMADE... I am talking here about measuring, cutting and nailing wood to make the tables even before painting and distressing... My favorite part is that she shared how to make them...Thank YOU SO MUCH!
They look fabulous....

-Vintage and RETRO-
This is another style that I love... perhaps one of my favorites for decor.
I love the bold shapes, the whimsical feeling of it, the striking contrast of colors...
OK... back to the party....

If you follow me you know I have something about mugs...
You have to see these ones by Alyssa from Live Love Craft
I love the mustache-lips combination.  They make me so happy!
{you'll find her tutorial on Sweet Lemonayde}

Another SUPER RETRO project this week was this Tiered Records Display from
I think this would look stupendous in any media room...
Coke, peanuts, Elvis... anyone?

This bedroom makeover by Jilly and Mia  is in my opinion perfection.
As an interior designer I have to say this is an A+ project.
Let me start with THE dresser... I won't rest until I find a dresser like hers to put
my hands on for my son's bedroom. I adore the robe idea for the handles and the casters on the bottom of the dresser...

 ...and the old vintage  headboard... against the super modern stenciled walls makes me almost cry of happiness...
GOSH, you have talent!

Here is my last  PERFECT example of retro meets vintage...


You want to see a great RETRO idea...


You want to see a great vintage idea...


You want to see it all...?
...then get out of here and go visit Five Days 5 Ways for the complete makeover.

I have 2 words for all of you featured today:

Click HERE to button UP!

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