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Monday, September 5, 2011

EXTRAORDINARY Guest: Upcycle Purse.

Hi Everyone!!
I am Ashley from

I am so excited to be over here at The 36th Avenue.
 I found Desirée's blog not too long ago, and I have been searching through it non stop!!
 What drew me in was that awesome header of hers... I just love those colors :)

I started this blog at the beginning of the year to help promote my etsy store, but soon found that it was a great outlet for all types of creative things! I have been sewing and gluing like a crazy person : ) and ultimately I want to redecorate my entire house now, thanks to pinterest!

I have two little ones Aubrey (my son) who is three and Addison (my daughter) who is one. They keep me busy busy and I love them so very much... and to top it all off, I am married to the most wonderful man ever! He is my best friend, and my family is truely my inspiration! I would love for you to hop on over to my blog, and get to know me a little better. I would love to meet you!! : )

The tutorial I am going to show you was originally submitted in the SYTYC contest during the Upcycle week, and I had so much fun making it! I don't get to make a lot of stuff for myself.

{The Tutorial}
I made this...

...From this
I really loved this skirt. It was a little hard to chop it up, but I love how it turned out : ) 

First I cut up the seam oposite the side with the zipper. 
Then I figured out how wide I wanted it and cut it to those measurements.

I sewed up the side seam and across the bottom Seam. 

I wanted mine to have a flat bottom so I sewed some guessets in the bottom.

Then using the scrap material left from the skirt I cut rectangles the length I wanted for the straps, and sewed a tube. Then I attached them to the purse.

Not really sure why this picture shows the straps pinned to the outside, but I sewed them on the inside : )

The ruffle on the front is just more scrap fabric that I twisted until I got the look I wanted, then hand sewed it on.

And that's it.
My favorite thing was that the zipper was left on the side so you could really open up the purse and see inside... especially since I have kids and always need to find something!

I so excited to use this purse... it's still in the high 90's 100's here in Texas
so it just doesn't feel right using it yet : )

Here are a few other tutorials you can find on my blog!


And I also host a weekly link party every Tuesday, Craft and Tell!
I would love to see what you have been making too! : )

Thank you so much for having me over at
your wonderful blog Desirée

Ashley thank you so much for sharing your super cute bag with all of us here. I came across this project while visiting her blog from the  So YOU Think You can Blog Party.
As soon as I saw it was love at the very first sight ;)
What a perfect purse for the Fall and Winter Season.

Adorable... hu!


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I was sitting here with my beautiful Sister in law Kristen,
introducing her to the amazing world of Pinterest
when I thought to share with you some great CLEVER ideas for the home...

This is just awesome to me. I hate looking for lids all over the place.
This is plain SMART!

This utensil key holder is original, inexpensive and useful...
Utensil Key Holder

What about using pots for storing your silverware, easy, practical and cute!

This next one is ADORABLE... So clever!

My last one for the kitchen is this  Non-slip Dish Towel.
I love this idea since my towels are almost all day on the floor because of Mimi...

Use a hanger to store all of your ribbon... Great idea!

Make a Framed Thread Holder to keep all your thread at hand and organized...
It looks amazing too!

Contain your ribbon inside of a plastic basket...

...and your pins inside of a jars.

Keep your closet organized with peg board panels...

What about this great idea for keeping all the
jewelry in one spot...

and this magnetic make-up board is just...

I love the idea of using pictures to personalize these storage bins...

And what I find to be SUPER SMART is this
cabinet to cover the washer and dryer... This is perfect for people that are forced to have them in the kitchen or bathrooms....

So I am giving all these ideas the...


 If you would like to share them with my readers send me an email at
with a link to them and for the subject  line put the name of the Holiday.

If it is something you are working on and IT HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED yet
I would love to have you as an EXTRAORDINARY GUEST.
Please send me pictures of your project as soon as you can.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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